Sunday, 19 February 2012

Random Acts of Kindness Week....Why Not Random Acts of Kindness Each DAY?

Last week it was Random Acts of Kindness Week.  It's a fantastic idea, and there were lots of examples of kindness shown throughout each day, and these were recognized on our Kindness Tree in the front school foyer.

Some examples of the kindness shown throughout the week, and pretty regulary each school day include:

Helping a little guy with his broken zipper EACH day.  It's become quite a little ritual.  There's no longer even "Can you help me please?"  He just wanders over, smile on his face, and juts his broken zipper at me, knowing that somehow, we'll struggle to get that zipper done up. It's kind of become our recess routine, this little Kindergarten boy and I:

 Sharing a cup-cookie (a hybrid between a cookie and a cupcake) just because.

The parent volunteer who used to be a champion table tennis player, and who now comes teach this game to some of our kids twice per week:

Holding hands with your friend outside, and attaching your pocket hooks together (just to make sure you don't become unattached).

 The stellar group of girls who helped me make these letters for our display boards.

Sharing your snack with your friends (I know you're not supposed to do this because of possible allergies, but it's still pretty cute):

Bringing in your buddy when she has a scraped knee.  AND getting a special Valentines baggy of ice:

Helping someone tie their shoe:

Bringing in some special heart shaped donuts from Tim Hortons for a deserving staff:

Hugs.....some kids out there are just such huggers, and I am too.  Last week, the principal and I were planning to go out with these signs, but it didn't quite happen.  Maybe this week!

The inspiration for the FREE HUGS signs:

There are so many other ways we show kindness to each other in school.  The grade 7 monitors who so lovingly and responsibly care for the Kindergarten kids as they help line them up to come inside, the little Kindergarten girl who saw an older boy upset because he had spilled his pudding down his coat and took him inside to get help, the dad who opened the front door for me last week when he saw me struggling with a load of bags and boxes, Division 2 for inviting me to be a part of their Pi event, walking down the hallway and having kids acknowledge you by name with a "Good morning Ms. B!".  It's all of those little acts of kindness that mean so much.

You never know what is going on in someone else's life, or what turmoil they might be feeling.  So, a smile and a little kindness could just be the highlight of his/her day.

Last week, I was at Costco and loaded up my car and returned my buggy to the buggy return lane.  A lady who was in the car next to me did the opposite.  It was about 20 extra steps to return the buggy to its proper place, and do you think she did it?  Nope.  Instead, she shoved her buggy into an empty parking stall with a few other stranded carts, jumped into her car and drove away.

This kind of thing always bothers me.  Why?  My dad would never let me do this as a kid.....first of all, he thought it was just being lazy, and second, why was I making more work for someone else?   When, for just a few extra seconds and a few extra steps, I could make someone else's job a bit easier.  Rather than remain irritated about it, or ignore it (which I confess, I normally do), it was Random Acts of Kindness week, so why not?  I pushed those carts into the buggy lane, where they were supposed to go.

So, great idea this whole Random Acts of Kindness week.  But, for me, (and I hope for you), I try to think of random acts of kindness I can do each day.

When you make someone else smile, or their day a bit, that's a pretty awesome feeling.

I challenge you.....can you do a random act of kindness each day?

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